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Trying To Lose Weight? Avoid These 3 Foods At All Cost!

It’s annoying when while on a diet, the only foods you’d like to eat are those that are the complete no-no on your list. Life is not fair.

You are trying to lose some weight, follow this tips

If you are trying to lose some weight, follow these tips

However, continuing to eat these foods would totally defeat the purpose of you trying to lose all that extra fat. In the end, focus and discipline trumps temptation. It has too, there is no other way. And if you think there is a shortcut to weight loss, you are sadly mistaken. The only things that will make you succeed are your determination to exercise—and stirring clear of these three foods, which are your “diet doom.”

Fast food

Need we say more? The amount of calories and fat you get from the fried items from the fast food menu is enough to last you the ENTIRE day! It’s alarming actually, as it’s just designed to make you want to just keep coming back for more—without really giving you nutritional benefits, except carbohydrates. And how much carbo do you need anyway? You’re trying to lose weight!

So the next time you’re taken over with the desire to eat that huge cheeseburger with five patties and twenty slices of cheese—think of how far you’ve come to throw it all way because of just one burger. Really.

Donuts or any other baked goods (that are processed)

Donuts are a No-No for any low fat diet

Donuts are a No-No for any low fat diet

Look at that sugary treat. It’s calling you. They come in different colors, too. Take a bite. Oh, so sweet, so soft, so yummy.

Ok, sorry. Didn’t mean to stimulate your imagination—just trying to make a point. Ok the point is that each bite you take of these processed goods is high in preservatives AND sugar content. They aren’t easy to digest either. Why would you even let your digestive system suffer for a few blissful chews right? Stay away from them, at all costs. It may even be the reason why you’re having skin problems. So stay away from them.

Soda and other sugary drinks

Did you know that a single can of soda is like drinking a glass of water with about ten heapings of sugar mixed into it?

Soda drinks are delicious but they are no good for you while dieting

Soda drinks are delicious but they are no good for you while dieting

And that won’t even taste great. So your best bet is to stick with water. If you must have flavor, then try putting in a few slices of lemon, or any other fresh fruit, for that matter. If you think it’s boring, try burning all those calories from drinking one glass of soda. You might still be in the gym long after it they’re already closed for the day (if they let you stay).

If you must have a dose of these, then fine. Have your cheat day; it’s a very good excuse to satisfy your cravings. But once you’re back on fight form, don’t try to even be in the same room as any of these items. Don’t worry; you’ll thank yourself one day for it.

5 Ways To Rebuild Your Finances After A Divorce

Manage Your Finances After A Divorce

You are divorce but your life didn't end with your marriage

You are divorced but your life didn’t end with your marriage

It is unwise to say that a divorce is a sad thing to happen to someone because some couples do depart amicably and happily. However, there is no denial that many times a divorce could leave your finances in shambles. This could happen when either you end up paying a huge some in alimony or because it is now only one person’s income being brought back home. Divorce could cause more devastating financial effects to those who were financially dependent on their partners. If your source of income has been slashed, your finances could be in a bad shape after the divorce. Here is how you can manage your finances better.

Figure out your house running cost

This is the first thing you will have to do. Identify your expenses. It may be a drag but you will still have to do it to manage your money better after the divorce. If you have to, make a list of all the things which are the part of your monthly house expenses. Knowing where your money goes will help figure out where and how to cut the expenses.

Cut down the unnecessary expenses

Control your expenses

Control your expenses

If your cell phone bill is too high find out what’s adding to the cost? If there are extra features like data services you have subscribed to and you don’t really need them, get rid of them. Make sure you get the night and weekend free plan on your cellphone service and make most of your personal calls during that time. If there are unnecessary stations you never watch on your cable TV, unsubscribe from them as well.

Go for sales and discounts

When you have to buy household items, whether it is clothes or groceries, look for any shop offering sales or discounts. You can save a good amount of money on such offers. Even if there is no discount, sometimes asking for it can get you a good deal. Don’t be ashamed of asking. It is you who has to run your house not the shopkeeper. If there is no discount, the worse that could happen is that shopkeeper will say no to you.

Check where you are spending

Do not spend on things you don’t need and can live without. One of the biggest reasons why many people are in a bad shape financially is consumerism. The lucrative looking ads entice you into spending more than you can afford and you end up living your life in credit. Even if you are tempted, do not swipe your credit card unless absolutely necessary. If you have to, stop going to expensive bars. Meet your friends and family in a house gathering instead. It is you who will have to figure out things you can live with and without.

Find another source of income

Find a second job if you have to and be independent

Find a second job if you have to and be independent

Desperate times call for desperate measures. You may have to find a second job to ease up your financial situation. This could be difficult but there are hundreds of thousands of people who are living on two jobs. If you have a specific skillset which is not being utilized in your current job, find out a way to put it to use and convert it into some dollars.

Financial management post-divorce could be tough. But you need to hold tight and get going. You are in control of your life and you can control your finances too.

3 Essential Ways on How to Manage Your Time Effectively

Time is essential in our lives

Time is essential in our lives

Several things can be purchased using money but not time. That is why it is very essential for individuals to use their time effectively. Those who not understand the importance of time will only be thinking of how you can spend to spend time; whereas the other people who really value time will usually be thinking of how they can invest it appropriately. Time is a limited resource which is always 24 hours each day however the success that a person can obtain by spending time wisely are numerous. In short, time management is a very important factor if you are to realize success in everything that you undertake.

The following are 3 important ways on how to manage your time effectively to achieve success:

Prioritize daily matters

The most important and first step towards managing your time effectively is by prioritizing everyday matters. Write down all the things that you plan to finish everyday and arrange them as per the level of their significance. The essential thing you want to do in a particular day should be listed prior to the others. For instance, if you think assignment is more vital than entertainment, then you should ensure you allocate adequate time to finish first before you go for entertainment thereafter. If you have very many things that you have to finish within a single day, then maybe you need to leave doing other things that are not more essential in the preference list.

Arrange specific time for all listed down activities

Organize your activities

Organize your activities

In order to manage your time effectively, you should also arrange specific time that you will be undertaking the work according to the list of activities you have written. In doing so, you should ensure that you finish the activities on time. Procrastination is the major enemy for an effective time management. Individuals who seem to procrastinate or slow down their work despite the fact that they are well aware that time will not wait for them. This has a great impact on time management since too much valuable time is wasted. You should always ensure that you stick to your work schedule if you have planned the way you will spend your time. Take action on the activities and complete the work individually. Try as much as possible never to juggle with several things at the same time since you will end up wasting a lot of your valuable time. If you are managing several problems, then you need to delegate other tasks to some people and let them assist you.

Group similar activities together

Group similar activities together so you don´t feel like time is going away

Group similar activities together so you don´t feel like time is going away

For effective time management, you also need to group all related activities together and complete them individually. For instance, you can classify all the work you would like to complete together in an office and complete all of them while you are still in the office. You should finish tasks that you can finish in a single location, and then relocate to another place to complete another work. This can ultimately reduce the traveling time. Therefore, it assists you to save time.

With the above 3 ways, you can manage your time effectively and ensure that everything is done according to your plan.